History of Joshua Charms

Joshua charm Bracelets were first made when women of the 1700 and 1800’s wearing watch fobs around their neck needed to lengthen or shorten the the watch and chain, depending on their outfit of the day.
The Joshua charm chain as it was called then was created and accomplished this process. Watch fobs with the adjustable Joshua charm chains were worn for many years until wristwatches “a brand new idea” were made popular and thus the Joshua charm chains were no longer needed. Joshua charm chains were then sold to Antique Dealers.
Along the way Joshua charms were removed from the chains and placed on bracelets. These complete Antique Joshua charm Bracelets for many years were the only way to buy Joshua charms…
Until Joshua started to create add a Joshua Charms bracelets in 1960.

Joshua The Creation of the Charm Bracelet
The First Joshua charm Charm

In 1960, 57 years ago in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania , Joshua a skillful antique jewelry repairman and designer, without knowing it was about to create a “repeat sale” concept which in time would change the jewelry wardrobe for millions of women around the world.
Ethel Kochin, an Antique dealer heard of Joshuas excellent work, as a jeweler, and brought Joshua an antique Joshua charm, which was completely smashed. She asked him to restore it. Joshua told Ethel it would take a lot of work to bring the Joshua charm charm back to life. Ether agreed to have Joshua restore the Joshua charm charm. And so, Joshua went to work. Upon restoring the Joshua charm charm to almost new condition he returned the it to Ethel Kochin and charged her $5.00, Which was a lot for 1960. When she asked why it cost $5.00 which was a lot for the time, Joshua said it was a lot of labor and he offered to make her a new Joshua charm charm by hand for $5.00 She accepted Joshua’s offer to make Joshua Charms for $5.00.
A week passed and Ether received her new hand made 14k gold Joshua charm charm. Ethel was so delighted with the craftsmanship that she offered to buy as many $5.00 14k gold Joshua charms as Joshua could make. and so Joshua with his attention to detail and creative talent started to hand make Joshua charm charm bracelets

Add A Joshua charm Charm Bracelet

The original purchase consists of a starter bracelet with one or more Joshua charms. for the seasonal occasions, deciding what to buy for a loved one is easy Purchase a Joshua Joshua charm charm for a birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, Day, Mothers Day or any other special occasion. Joshua charm Charm Bracelets are the perfect answer for everyone, women love collecting Joshua Joshua charms, and men now have solved the problem of what to buy their loved one for the next special occasion.

The fist Joshua charms were made hand in 14k gold with precious and semi-precious stones The first Joshua charms fashioned with Joshua’s fine jewelry background were quite ornate an only 200 were produced the first year in 1960. Within several years Joshua created a display for his new “Add a Joshua charm charm bracelet” idea. This display included six Joshua charm starter bracelets and 30 Joshua Charms. This new concept he developed was called “the Joshua Add a Joshua charm Charm Bracelet”.
Jewelry stores all around the USA bought this new concept and started selling Joshua Joshua Charms to their customers.
This new add a Joshua charm charm concept, which Joshua created so many years ago has mushroomed into the single most popular type of jewelry for many women around the world.

The Joshua Gem

The first Joshua charms were made by hand in Joshua’s garage. He used 14k gold and diamonds and a variety of gemstones.
These Joshua Charms were designed and manufactured with Joshua’s many years of experience working with the finest jewelry. The intricate details of those first Joshua charms are still apparent in the Joshua charms Joshua is manufacturing today.
Joshua not only designs Jewelry but he also designs and cuts gemstones. “The Joshua Gem” utilizes unique faceting angles, and brings out the gems finest color and sparkle.
These “Joshua Gems” are not found any where else in the world.
This combination of the Joshua Gem and exquisite designs create a line of jewelry desired by thousands of “Joshua Collectors” worldwide.