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We will provide you with all the materials you will need.

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Post these marketing banners,  to your friends and followers on social media. All your friends and followers  have to do is click on the link you provide, to Joshua Bracelets web-site, and make a purchase, or choose your name from the drop down list at checkout.

We will track the sales from your efforts, and award you 10% on a monthly basis.

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Social media profiles

Do you agree to maintain a high level of professionalism, and sportsmanship at all times as a sponsored athlete, representative of Joshua Bracelets

Do you agree to fully participate in promoting, and marketing Joshua Bracelets, out in public, and on Social Media.

Do you agree to forward all banners advertisements, special deals, etc. from Joshua Bracelets, to all your friends/followers on social media daily or within 48 hours of receiving, unless traveling then as soon as you reconnect with internet.

If you are chosen to represent Joshua Bracelets at a competition within your city, Or travel outside your city, do you agree to wear/adorn yourself with all Joshua Bracelets, promotional material, example(hats tshirts backpack banners, flags etc) and appear at all events with above marketing, (unless conflict with other previous sponsor arises, and then a compromise in writing will be issued by Joshua company

Are you ready to start making money now, and start forwarding on social media, promotional advertisements, banners, special deals from Joshua company immediatley

A representative of Joshua Bracelets will contact you shortly With your approval and information on how to get started earning money today.



Any participant involved in fraudulent activity will be deleted and all monies paid will be deducted.